Preventing Metal Corrosion

Restoration Specialists is a company in Florida that meets the residential remediation needs of homeowners in Ocala, Lecanto, Gainesville, Leesburg, Lake City, and Brooksville. The Restoration Specialists team offers specialized services, such as corrosion control.

Primary reasons for corrosion are iron coming in contact with acidity and metals cracking and bending due to excessive weight or pressure. Once corrosion takes hold of a metallic surface, it can be challenging to eliminate. One basic preventative measure is to select corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, silver, and gold.

Another strategy is keeping metal equipment and appliances from moisture. Desiccant dryers and other drying agents provide some protection when exposure to water is unavoidable. Sacrificial coatings, such as an anodic coat, create a shell that protects a corrosive metal underneath. While galvanized steel has an extended rust-free lifespan, eventually it will corrode.

Despite the best-planned corrosion control, unexpected events, such as floods, can still occur. In these situations, the assistance of a professional who can dry the area and take preventive measures is essential.


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