Water and Moisture Damage: What to Look for


Water Damage pic
Water Damage
Image: restorationspecialists.com

Restorations Specialists offers a long list of services that are designed to help home and business owners in the event that their property sustains damage due to fire, wind, or water. Headquartered in Ocala, Restoration Specialists has offices in other locations around Florida, including Gainesville, Brooksville, Lake City, Leesburg, and Lecanto.

It’s important to be able to spot the signs of water damage, in order to know when to call in the experts. Examples of possible water damage include rotting wood, plant growth, rust, delamination on materials like plywood, strange or offensive odors, and many more.

Other areas to look for water damage are the roof, walls, drains, and gutters. Missing or eroded shingles are a sign of roof damage. Holes and cracks in walls are also a cause for concern. Clogged drains and gutters can also cause water damage along different areas of the house.


Preventing Water Damage in Homes

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Restoration Specialists
Image: restorationspecialists.com

Since 1972, Restoration Specialists has been helping clients remodel and repair their properties after incurring damage from fire, wind, and water. Restoration Specialists is based in Ocala, Florida, with several branches in Brooksville, Gainesville, Lake City, Lecanto, and Leesburg.

Water damage is common in homes, especially in locations with harsh weather. In order to lessen the chances of sustaining water damage during storms and floods, homeowners should take the following steps to prevent irreparable damage to their houses:

1. Repair leaks and cracks—When water enters the home, it can lead to mold and fungi formation, rusting, and excessive moisture.

2. Practice regular maintenance—Always clean the exterior and interior of the house. Make sure to keep everything well maintained and hire a professional to repair any damage immediately.

3. Have the property inspected regularly—The best way to prevent or lessen water damage is to have an expert look at what needs to be done.

4. Refinish and reseal walls regularly using correct materials—Modern walls are designed to protect homes from water damage. However, poorly constructed walls that are rarely maintained may allow excess moisture to enter the house.