Why to Contact a Professional to Dry a Home After a Flood

Restoration Specialists, a company in Florida, provides important restoration and disaster mitigation services for residents in the Lake City, Lecanto, Leesburg, Ocala, Brooksville, and Gainesville areas. The company strives to provide high-quality services for homeowners who are dealing with property damage of all types. Among Restoration Specialists’ areas of expertise is helping to reduce the severity of water damage due to flooding.

While homeowners might be tempted to handle flooding damage themselves, getting professional help is highly recommended. This is because certain actions a homeowner may do immediately after a flood can actually make the situation worse. For example, turning up heat in an attempt to dry the area can actually create conditions where mildew damage is more apt to occur. Therefore, if a flood occurs in the winter, it is best to alternate between opening the windows to air dry the area and using heat to accelerate the process. In the summer time, turning on air conditioning units is an acceptable way to accelerate drying.

In order to further accelerate drying, a professional would know the tricks of opening cabinets and drawers so that circulating air can reach the contents inside. However, if drawer or door sticks, they know not to force it. If there are decorative items on wet surfaces, those items may be moved to another area to dry. If a valuable document has been damaged by water, the homeowner may place it in the freezer to slow the growth of mildew until drying can take place. These and other important techniques are known to professionals, making their services indispensable in the aftermath of a flooding event.


How to Handle a Raw Sewage or Floodwater Situation

Restoration Specialists helps Florida homeowners recover from home and property damage. With locations in Gainesville, Lecanto, Leesburg, Brooksville, Lake City, and Ocala, Restoration Specialists provides professional, high-quality services to help minimize the effects of a wide variety of events, including flooding.

If floodwaters or raw sewage enters a home, extensive damage can occur. This is especially true if sewage or water comes in contact with absorbent materials. Carpeting and rugs may not be able to be saved, and drywall may need to be replaced. However, in addition to damaging property, raw sewage or floodwaters contaminated by sewage is hazardous to your health. Therefore, children and pets should be kept out of affected areas. Additionally, avoid tracking contaminated wastewater into unaffected areas of the house on your shoes.

While a flood that contains raw sewage or bacteria-contaminated waters can damage your property, it can also cause serious health effects. Therefore, cleaning up after such an incident is best left to professionals in home restoration.