Preventing Water Damage in Homes

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Since 1972, Restoration Specialists has been helping clients remodel and repair their properties after incurring damage from fire, wind, and water. Restoration Specialists is based in Ocala, Florida, with several branches in Brooksville, Gainesville, Lake City, Lecanto, and Leesburg.

Water damage is common in homes, especially in locations with harsh weather. In order to lessen the chances of sustaining water damage during storms and floods, homeowners should take the following steps to prevent irreparable damage to their houses:

1. Repair leaks and cracks—When water enters the home, it can lead to mold and fungi formation, rusting, and excessive moisture.

2. Practice regular maintenance—Always clean the exterior and interior of the house. Make sure to keep everything well maintained and hire a professional to repair any damage immediately.

3. Have the property inspected regularly—The best way to prevent or lessen water damage is to have an expert look at what needs to be done.

4. Refinish and reseal walls regularly using correct materials—Modern walls are designed to protect homes from water damage. However, poorly constructed walls that are rarely maintained may allow excess moisture to enter the house.


Soot Damage Requires Immediate Professional Attention

Established in 1972, Restoration Specialists has more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry. From its base of operations in Ocala, Florida, Restoration Specialists serves many local communities throughout North Central Florida, including Brooksville, Gainesville, Lake City, Lecanto, Leesburg, and others. Among other emergency repair and remediation services, the company has specific expertise in cleaning up soot damage.

According to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, soot residue settles into property and furniture immediately and can cause permanent discoloration of porous materials. However, individuals should not attempt to wash walls, furniture, or other items without professional assistance since the wrong cleaning techniques can exacerbate damage. For damage caused by furnace issues, property owners can change furnace filters and gently brush loose soot from upholstery or carpets.

If left untreated, soot damage can harm surfaces permanently. In that case, replacing damaged property may be the only viable option. To avoid lasting problems, property owners should seek licensed and qualified professionals with deep expertise in soot removal and property restoration as soon as possible.

Restoring a Home after a Hurricane

A certified general contractor in Gainesville, Florida, Restoration Specialists provides damage repair and emergency services to homes and businesses in Brooksville, Lake City, Lecanto, and other nearby communities. Restoration Specialists serves as a valuable resource to homeowners after a natural disaster like a hurricane. According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), homeowners should develop a strong relationship with the contractor during home reconstruction following a hurricane to ensure effective repairs and strengthen the home’s ability to withstand future storms.

A typical first step in an reconstruction effort is closing up openings in walls to prevent any further intrusion by water and allow the building to dry out. In emergency scenarios, homeowners may be able to take on closing up walls, but they will want to rely on a professional contractor for permanent repairs. During reconstruction, homeowners can consider whether they need to upgrade windows, sliding doors, double entry doors, and double garage doors, since these structures can be prone to failure. In addition, contractors can examine walls to determine if they are solidly anchored to the roof and foundation. If not, wall replacement may be necessary.

By choosing a qualified contractor, homeowners can receive prompt attention to their needs in an emergency and a partner to ensure their home is protected from future disasters. Homeowners should expect clear communication about the reconstruction project along with time and budget projections from their contractor.

Tips for Emergency Cleanup after Water Damage

With 40-plus years of experience, Restoration Specialists has earned a reputation as a leading provider of emergency repairs and restoration in Florida. From its base of operations in Ocala, Restoration Specialists serves many Gulf Coast and Central Florida communities, including Brooksville, Gainesville, Lake City, Lecanto, and Leesburg. While expert cleanup is necessary to resolve water damage, property owners can take specific first-response actions to mitigate water damage issues.

As a first step, property owners should ventilate affected areas. During summer months, running the air conditioner can help speed drying. In winter, property owners can alternate keeping windows open and running heat for best results. In addition, property owners can use towels to absorb pools of water and remove saturated carpets and rugs. Importantly, individuals should never enter any room that has sagging floors caused by water damage.

Additionally, property owners should avoid operating electrical equipment when standing on wet floors. Working with a certified general contractor with experience in disaster remediation is the best path to effective restoration after water damage.

The Importance of HVAC System Cleanings

With offices in Brooksville, Lecanto, Leesburg, Gainesville, Lake City, and Ocala, Restoration Specialists services all of northern Florida. Restoration Specialists offers a 24-hour emergency service for cases of unexpected disasters, such as adverse weather, and helps homeowners rebuild and restore roofs, flooring, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

When struggling with air flow or debris, homeowners should check their HVAC systems to determine if a cleaning is necessary. According to the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), unmaintained condensers and evaporator coils significantly increase energy consumption. As a result, dirty and clogged coils prohibit air flow through HVAC systems and increase the expense of utilities. In addition, reduction in heat transfer and dehumidification occurs.

As a best practice, homeowners should have their coils cleaned annually to sustain energy-efficient HVAC systems. Other signs that will alert people to check and clean their HVAC systems are the discharge of visible dirt into air conditioned spaces, the deterioration of fiberglass duct liner or other porous components, and the presence of unknown odors. During other times of the year, simply changing air filters and cleaning outdoor units will ensure peak HVAC system performance.

Minimizing Vandalization Damage to Homes

Restoration Specialists, a home contractor in the state of Florida, serves homeowners in the Brooksville, Gainesville, Lake City, Lecanto, Leesburg, and Ocala areas. As experts in restoration and reconstruction, Restoration Specialists has extensive experience helping homeowners who have experienced events such as floods and fires. In addition, they also serve customers that have had their personal property vandalized.

If your home is vandalized, there are a number of things that you should do to minimize the damage. Remove any egg residue with a hose and vacuum up any glass particles. If your home has been spray painted, make sure to save any spray cans that may have been left behind. The cleaning professional may find the information on the can helpful in removing the damage. However, do not try to remove any paint or ink yourself, since improper handling can cause the stain to set. Therefore, it is best to leave paint or ink cleanup to professionals. By following these tips, the damage done by vandals can be minimized as much as possible.

How to Decide to Clean and Keep, or Discard a Damaged Carpet

Following natural disasters, the service professionals at Ocala-based Restoration Specialists assist north Florida residents in communities surrounding Brooksville, Gainesville, Lake City, Lecanto, and Leesburg. The damage experts at Restoration Specialists step in to assess the physical damage and assist in cleanup of flood, fire, tornado, hurricane, and wind debris while their clients process the emotional challenges of disasters. Assessment of carpet damage is one service provided by Restoration Specialists.

After flooding, carpets often require professional attention. A trained expert in home disaster evaluation can first determine if the carpet can be saved before either commercially cleaning a salvageable one or completely replacing a totaled carpet.

A general rule states if the carpet was soaked in clean water, such as rainwater or lawn runoff, for less than 24 hours, it can be kept. However, carpets subjected to contaminated water, as occurs when sewers overflow, should be immediately ripped up and thrown away for health and safety reasons.

If the carpet is to be saved, it must be quickly dried before mold and mildew set in. The use of large fans, an air conditioners, dehumidifiers with the windows shut, and a wet-dry vacuum can aid in this endeavor. Once dry, the carpet should be shampooed and steam cleaned. Once the carpet dries again, baking soda sprinkled and left overnight and then vacuumed in cross-grain patterns should remove any lingering odors and restore the carpet to its predamaged state.