Good Customer Service in Contracting

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Restoration Specialists

Since 1972, Restoration Specialists has helped Florida homeowners to rebuild after fire, flood, and other disasters. Serving clients in such communities as Brooksville, Gainesville, Lake City, Lecanto, Leesburg, and Ocala, Restoration Specialists prioritizes customer service and is committed to completing each project to the client’s satisfaction and by the client’s deadline.

In the contracting industry, good customer service means exceeding all client expectations. The contractor must meet all deadlines and stay within the budget while simultaneously offering added value services free of charge or at a low cost whenever possible. Even small additions to the service offered can help a client feel valued.

Similarly, contractors committed to strong customer service will leverage their industry acumen to help clients get the most out of their budget. This requires the contractor to determine the client’s overall goals for the project, which the contractor can then use to define the action steps necessary. The contractor then knows what needs to be done and can continue to communicate with the client as his o her team completes these steps.

Awareness of goals and action steps can also help a contractor to determine what else he or she can do to exceed expectations. If the process involves leasing to potential renters, for example, the contractor can take extra time to clean up more thoroughly on that day and present a more polished project. This type of anticipation can be highly effective in helping the client to see that the contractor goes above and beyond expectations.


Guarantees Offer Companies Many Business Benefits

A certified general contractor based in Ocala, Florida, Restoration Specialists has deep expertise in restoring damaged properties after a disaster. Serving the local communities of Brooksville, Lake City, Lecanto, and others, Restoration Specialists offers a one-year guarantee on its work. According to business experts, offering a guarantee can bring many benefits to a business.

Some businesses may hesitate to offer a money-back guarantee, believing that this may motivate customers to ask for refunds. However, offering a guarantee can be a powerful sales asset, since it eliminates any risk associated with the customer doing business with the company. A guarantee can also be a clear competitive differentiator in a crowded marketplace. Moreover, a guarantee sends a message to buyers that the company has a strong commitment to delivering quality products or services, which helps build a positive perception in the buyers’ minds.

Establishing a strong, clear guarantee and promoting it through advertising and marketing literature can be an effective business development strategy. Often, when selecting between competing service providers who have comparable qualifications, purchasers will prefer doing business with the company offering a guarantee.