Mold-Related Health Issues and Mold Removal

An Ocala, Florida-based company, Restoration Specialists has over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. Among many other construction services, Restoration Specialists provide disaster mitigation and mold removal in locations such as Brooksville, Gainesville, Lake City Lecanto, and Leesburg.

Mold is very common in Florida, even in the cleanest of houses. While mold does not usually represent a major issue, it needs to be treated immediately when it turns into an infestation. It is highly dangerous for health and safety, and since it is a fungus, it can reproduce.

Molds create spores that can be inhaled by people and pets, resulting in respiratory issues such as asthma. Mold also releases allergens or toxic substances and can cause people allergic reactions to it. Symptoms of allergic reactions can include fever, sneezing, and skin rash.

One of the key aspects of controlling and removing mold in a house is moisture. In this way, companies that provide mold removal services fix the water issues in a house and dry out the water-damaged areas to prevent mold growth. It is advised that people acquire mold removal services within 48 hours after the infestation occurs to get rid of the mold at once.


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