Methods for Removing Odors from Wood


Restoration Specialists pic

Restoration Specialists

Based in Ocala, Florida, Restoration Specialists has been providing businesses and families with repair and restoration services that help them recover from various types of property damage. Alongside its Ocala office, the company also has locations in Gainesville, Brooksville, Lecanto, Lake City, and Leesburg. One of the restoration services offered by Restoration Specialists is deodorization.

Since wood is such a porous material, it easily absorbs bacteria and odors, and thus often requires deodorization. There are several methods professionals may use when deodorizing wood, such as using olive oil and vinegar. This wood cleaner is made by mixing 1 part olive oil with 24 parts white vinegar. Put another way, every pint of vinegar needs 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Once made, the mixture can be put into a spray bottle and sprayed on the wood.

Covering the wood with absorbent materials also helps remove odors. These items include newspaper, kitty litter, baking soda, and charcoal. Using an absorbent material is not always as effective as using olive oil and vinegar. Plus, it usually takes several hours to several weeks before there is a noticeable decrease in the smell of the wood.

Finally, wood may be deodorized using a commercial cleaner. This is common for stains and odors that are particularly difficult to remove, such as those caused by pets. Commercial cleaners are usually effective when used on the type of odor they are formulated for. When the odor source is unknown, wiping ammonia on the wood can often remove the smell. However, the ammonia should be completely wiped off with a clean damp cloth.

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