The Differences Between Reconstructing and Remodeling

Restoration Specialists pic

Restoration Specialists

Established in 1972, Restoration Specialists offers restoration for any property damage. Restoration Specialists currently has offices in the Florida cities of Brooksville, Gainesville, Lake City, Lecanto, Leesburg, and Ocala. Its services include estimating restoration, reconstruction, remodeling, dehumidification, and disaster mitigation.

If some disaster happened to a house or part of it, the homeowner could choose to reconstruct or to remodel. Typically, both processes involve a consultation to discuss the timeframe, budget, and project.

The reconstruction of a house gives its owners benefits such as living in a brand-new residence and the possibility of selling it in the future for a higher price. However, rebuilding is more expensive than remodeling, though it sometimes might be the only choice after heavy fire or hurricane/tornado damage.

Remodeling is a better alternative for those with a tight budget and lighter damage. House owners can hire a company to remodel just the outside of the house, for example. If money is tight, owners can choose to leave the rest of the house for later jobs.

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