Steps of Water Damage Restoration

Restoration Specialists is an Ocala, Florida-based company that helps clients restore and rebuild their properties after catastrophic damage. In business for close to five decades, Restoration Specialists has offices in Lake City, Brooksville, Leesburg, Lecanto, and Gainesville. One of the company’s primary response services is water damage restoration.

Fixing a home damaged by water requires a well-thought-out and systematic procedure to make the home livable once again. The basic steps of water restoration include the following.

1. Professional inspection by an expert. The inspector will determine the extent of water damage, and based on the results, determine the best strategy to restore the property.

2. Removal of water using special equipment. Industrial-grade vacuums and pumps will be brought in to remove water from the home.

3. Drying and dehumidification. This process ensures any water moisture left behind after water removal is completely dried out. This can take a few hours, days, or weeks depending on surface area and extent of damage.

4. A thorough cleaning of all personal belongings. This step is crucial to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, particularly in areas prone to mold, such as carpets and drapes.

5. Restoration. This involves replacing any damaged materials such as insulation and drywall.

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