Clean, Gray, and Black Water – Coping With Post-Disaster Home Damage


Water Damage pic

Water Damage

Restoration Specialists has over four decades’ experience in meeting owners’ needs after emergencies ranging from fires to hurricanes. Based in Ocala, Restoration Specialists serves Florida from locations in Gainesville, Lecanto, Brooksville, Lake City, and Leesburg.

Prompt action is essential to saving your home from water damage. The longer you wait to fix problems, the more expensive fixing them will be. Three types of damage affect homes after a disaster:

Clean water comes from sources such as bathtubs and sinks, leaks from appliances, and broken water lines. Although clean water is generally not contaminated, that could change if the problem is not addressed quickly.

Gray water sources possibly contain contaminants. Examples include rain or snow, excess water from dishwashers and washing machines, and toilet overflows without feces. Again, if not treated, dangerous substances could get into gray water.

Black water is very hazardous and must be dealt with immediately. Groundwater, sewage, and floodwaters contain heavy metals, pesticides, viruses, and other health threats. Avoid all contact with black water – leave it to professionals wearing protective gear. All contaminated materials must be discarded.

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