Preventing Sewage and Flood Damage to Your Home

flood damage

flood damage

Restoration Specialists is a general contractor based in Ocala, Florida. They also serve cities such as Leesburg, Brooksville, and Lecanto through their satellite offices. Restoration Specialists offers many services related to reconstruction, like dealing with sewage and flood damage.

Some homes are situated in areas that are subjected to periodic flooding or where sewage backups usually occur. In order to prevent or minimize the impact of the danger and damage of such events, owners must take immediate action to reinforce their foundation and walls.

To prevent flood water from seeping into a house, make sure to waterproof the foundation and seal any cracks found in the floors or walls. In case of sewage backups, owners can ask the town hall or city sewer authority for permission to install a shut-off valve that will prevent the main sewer line from surging into their home’s sewage system.

If prevention fails, owners can take steps to improve their home’s utilities so they can act quickly in case water and sewage seeps into the lower levels of their homes. Water pumps are useful in removing water in basements and sunken areas of the house. Gutters and downspouts should also be directed away from the foundation, preferably towards a downslope or an area that won’t lead back to the house.


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