Restoring a Home after a Hurricane

A certified general contractor in Gainesville, Florida, Restoration Specialists provides damage repair and emergency services to homes and businesses in Brooksville, Lake City, Lecanto, and other nearby communities. Restoration Specialists serves as a valuable resource to homeowners after a natural disaster like a hurricane. According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), homeowners should develop a strong relationship with the contractor during home reconstruction following a hurricane to ensure effective repairs and strengthen the home’s ability to withstand future storms.

A typical first step in an reconstruction effort is closing up openings in walls to prevent any further intrusion by water and allow the building to dry out. In emergency scenarios, homeowners may be able to take on closing up walls, but they will want to rely on a professional contractor for permanent repairs. During reconstruction, homeowners can consider whether they need to upgrade windows, sliding doors, double entry doors, and double garage doors, since these structures can be prone to failure. In addition, contractors can examine walls to determine if they are solidly anchored to the roof and foundation. If not, wall replacement may be necessary.

By choosing a qualified contractor, homeowners can receive prompt attention to their needs in an emergency and a partner to ensure their home is protected from future disasters. Homeowners should expect clear communication about the reconstruction project along with time and budget projections from their contractor.


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