Tips for Emergency Cleanup after Water Damage

With 40-plus years of experience, Restoration Specialists has earned a reputation as a leading provider of emergency repairs and restoration in Florida. From its base of operations in Ocala, Restoration Specialists serves many Gulf Coast and Central Florida communities, including Brooksville, Gainesville, Lake City, Lecanto, and Leesburg. While expert cleanup is necessary to resolve water damage, property owners can take specific first-response actions to mitigate water damage issues.

As a first step, property owners should ventilate affected areas. During summer months, running the air conditioner can help speed drying. In winter, property owners can alternate keeping windows open and running heat for best results. In addition, property owners can use towels to absorb pools of water and remove saturated carpets and rugs. Importantly, individuals should never enter any room that has sagging floors caused by water damage.

Additionally, property owners should avoid operating electrical equipment when standing on wet floors. Working with a certified general contractor with experience in disaster remediation is the best path to effective restoration after water damage.


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