Side Effects of Moisture in the Home

Restoration Specialists has provided dehumidification, water extraction, and other property damage recovery services for more than 40 years. Based in Ocala, Florida, Restoration Specialists also maintains satellite offices in Leesburg, Lake City, Brooksville, Gainesville, and Lecanto.

Too much moisture in the air of a home can lead to serious health risks. Moisture in the air can cause mold growth or dust mites, which are common allergens that can place an individual at risk for respiratory infections. Dust mites are too small to be seen with the eye alone, yet they grow easily on any moisture-rich surface, particularly in an environment with a fair amount of dust.

It is a good idea to monitor household moisture before it affects the health of the home’s inhabitants. Those with crawl spaces or attics can check these areas for signs of mold on interior surfaces. Residents can also check basement walls and plumbing areas for condensation. Similarly, those in cooler climates can monitor humidity by watching double-paned windows, which show condensation droplets when the interior moisture level is too high.

People in warmer climates can also identify potential humidity problems by checking basements and other dimly lit areas for signs of insects, which thrive on high moisture levels. Any resident who identifies high moisture levels should consult with a professional about potential interventions.


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