How to Decide to Clean and Keep, or Discard a Damaged Carpet

Following natural disasters, the service professionals at Ocala-based Restoration Specialists assist north Florida residents in communities surrounding Brooksville, Gainesville, Lake City, Lecanto, and Leesburg. The damage experts at Restoration Specialists step in to assess the physical damage and assist in cleanup of flood, fire, tornado, hurricane, and wind debris while their clients process the emotional challenges of disasters. Assessment of carpet damage is one service provided by Restoration Specialists.

After flooding, carpets often require professional attention. A trained expert in home disaster evaluation can first determine if the carpet can be saved before either commercially cleaning a salvageable one or completely replacing a totaled carpet.

A general rule states if the carpet was soaked in clean water, such as rainwater or lawn runoff, for less than 24 hours, it can be kept. However, carpets subjected to contaminated water, as occurs when sewers overflow, should be immediately ripped up and thrown away for health and safety reasons.

If the carpet is to be saved, it must be quickly dried before mold and mildew set in. The use of large fans, an air conditioners, dehumidifiers with the windows shut, and a wet-dry vacuum can aid in this endeavor. Once dry, the carpet should be shampooed and steam cleaned. Once the carpet dries again, baking soda sprinkled and left overnight and then vacuumed in cross-grain patterns should remove any lingering odors and restore the carpet to its predamaged state.

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